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Who We Are

Proudly family owned and operated

Our Extended Team

Nora is our main designer. She works with our ideas and builds themed collections for us.

It All Starts Here

Nora is hard at work on new designs in her office! She uses a sketchpad and CAD system to create our pieces.

Making Magic

Employees are provided with dormitory accommodations and nutritious meals. They work hard to make our designers' dreams come to life.

Made With Care

Our pieces are hand-polished, creating a deeper luster than mass-produced methods. It requires more time, but we think that it's worth it, and you will too.

Hand Processes

There are many hand operations in the making of Josan earrings. In this video, a "resist" paint is applied as part of the two-step plating proess. After the gold plated moon is covered, the piece will be silver plated.
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